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Nick Shrimpton April 2015

Vision 2020
April 2015
Name: Nick Shrimpton
Current role: Marketing Director at TWM Solicitors LLP
Previous experience: Nearly 20 years marketing in law firms starting with 4 at Rowe & Maw (as was), 10 at Stevens & Bolton and 5 years (and counting) here at TWM in Guildford.
1. The pearl: What is the most valuable bit of wisdom you have gained during your career?
That if you stop getting butterflies at a significant marketing event or milestone, that’s the time to worry because it means you no longer care.
2. What do you consider the biggest frustration, working within Professional Service Firms?
I have always been frustrated when a fee earner asks your opinion on a triviality e.g. should we or shouldn’t we advertise in a pocket diary?  When I say it doesn’t matter either way, I can hear people thinking; well what sort of expert is he then?
3. What is the biggest change in professional marketing in the last 5 years?
Focus.  Closer management of resources, better clarity in terms of planning and desired outcomes.
4. What are your priorities for the next 12 months?
Developing our sector focus, enquiry follow up procedures, improved marketing database, enhanced intranet and developing marketing partnerships with Eagle Radio and Surrey Half Marathon.
5. Any red herrings – marketing ideas and initiatives that are not going to deliver on the hype?
Avoid anything short term – I don’t believe in ‘cause and effect’ law firm marketing.
6. Any organisations you admire - and why?
I was interviewed for a job at Wiggin which would have been great, but it didn’t come off.  Great focus, energy and positivity there.
7. Market achievement that you are most proud of (individual or firm level)?
Not really a trumpet blower I’m afraid, but TWM was a green field role, so I take pride in what we have achieved across the board over 5 years.
8. Where do you think firms in your sector will be investing most in 2020?
There’s still a long way to go in the regions with law firm consolidation, so firms will need to invest in growth (but not for the sake of it).  I see by 2020 Facetime in business almost making the traditional telephone redundant.
9. What is going to be the most exciting industry sector in the next 5 years?
Not really work-related but interesting to see how the wearable technology sector develops.
10. What global region do you think will fly?
As a regional firm hopefully the domestic market.
11. What will happen to marketing and BD salaries?
A greater bonus element where marketers can show their contribution to the bottom line.  Generally salaries need to catch up a little but that’s the same in all professions I think.
12. And finally …when I am not at work I like to …
Balancing the need to eat and drink well with running 3 times a week, enjoying being the father of two girls (14 and 11), and helping my wife build up her new marketing business.