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Coronavirus Hub

As coronavirus causes uncertainty across the globe, it is understandable that many people we speak with at the moment feel unclear about the impact on their work.  We are of course in no position to offer health advice, but we can definitely help you mitigate the impact on building relationships, winning work and hitting budgets.

BD TV: Twenty Minutes at Two PM on Thursdays

Would you like to hear directly from people in your position at other firms in the UK and globally?
These sessions are designed to help anyone who would like to hear how their peers at other firms are shaping their BD and marketing in light of COVID-19. The episodes will run for just 20 minutes and will profile one individual per week, including a live Q&A session

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Three BD Options to Reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your business

How are you going to nurture important relationships with clients? Will your firm worry and complain about the areas where you are concerned (but relatively powerless), or will you act? Perhaps Joan Baez has the answer; “Action is the antidote to despair.” We’re acting by offering three things that can help.

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How to boost your BD and marketing immunity

Although there is still a huge amount of uncertainty surrounding what the UK government will decide to do over the next few weeks, you can still make sure your business development is covered for the potential of self-isolation.
Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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Increasing an international consultancy's online impact

The Berkeley Partnership provide international management consultancy services from their offices in London and New York. Due to the shift in working environments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm needed a remote training solution that included pointers on how to adapt to the new normal. Find out how we helped them do just that. 

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How to ensure your firm hits targets over the next 12 months

The economy has been shaken like never before and the way that we work has changed almost overnight. As someone who is responsible for your firm’s performance, how do you ensure that your firm is able to hit relationship and profit targets over the next 12 months? The answer is: do the right things remotely to build business.   But, how do we master this at speed when we are time-poor and there are so many different avenues competing for our advice?

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How to build relationships and win work in a low-contact economy

A digital marketing workshop for lawyers, accountants and consultants.

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