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10 things professional BD teams are doing to be fit for 2030

2018 is our 10th birthday and to mark it we have been compiling research since the start of the year into the future of marketing and BD. During our 10 years within the industry, we have advised over 150 professional services firms. We have spoken to a number of these firms, plus other industry experts and people we trust, for their thoughts and comments on the topic. We are bringing these themes and predictions together into 10 of the most important things professional services firms should prepare for over the next few years.

We want to share our birthday celebrations with you and find that cake doesn't travel well, so - over the course of 10 weeks - we will be delivering a 'BD slice' directly into your inbox. These slices will outline each of the 10 key themes highlighted by our research. Once we have shared these 10 slices, and absorbed the views and ideas that readers share, we will create a webinar and face-to-face seminar which will bring together all the themes and feedback.

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