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'Why Not?' Wednesdays

It's the middle of the week, things are ticking over - why not take a few minutes to make something good happen?

Each week, we share a short tip about how you can quickly and easily improve your business. From generating new clients, to improving relationships - our quick tips could help you make some real improvements. Simply click on the links below to view the tips we've shared so far. 

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Why not bring your clients together?

Why not invest more time into people you like?

Why not contact people who used to work for your clients?

Why not help people who are starting a new role?

Why not pass the groans?

Why not ask friendly contacts and happy clients for referrals?

Why not invite your clients to planning meetings?

Why not make sales and marketing into a game?

Why not invite your clients into your offices?

Why not be choosy?

Why not be generous?

Why not shine a light on your colleagues?

Why not contribute on LinkedIn?

Why not step into your client's shoes?

Why not be 3? It's the magic number.

Why not listen for what is not being said?

Why not look at the whole, rather than just the parts?

Why not match your moves to your motives?

Why not just be helpful? 

Why not be a connector?

Why not start a bootcamp?

Why not give yourself a break?

Why not be a bit nosey?

Why not avoid 'what keeps you awake at night'?

Why not encourage people to tell you more?

Why not go with the flow to broaden the topic of conversation?

Why not say less?

Why not dig a little deeper?

Why not hit them with a quick one-two?

Why not be original?

Why not share some news?

Why not give something of value? 

Why not have a BD buddy?

Why not think about tomorrow?

Why not think about what you can give? 

Why not show what makes you special?

Why not use authority to tilt things in your favour?

Why not make the most of the drive for consistency? 

Why not find common ground?

Why not celebrate your good, positive and even lovable links?

Why not give genuine compliments? 

Why not collaborate?

Why not foster a sense of unity?

Why not make a little time for BD?

Why not use the irresistible power of the puppy?

Why not share your enthusiasm?

Why not discriminate? 

Why not look for more than looks?

Why not go your own way?

Why not show others the real you?

Why not shake the ketchup bottle?

Why not plan a bridge day? 

Why not make time to sharpen the axe?

Why not put a cap on your thinking?

Why not give the gift of time?

Why not have a clear reason for doing BD?

Why not partner with your opposite? 

Why not take a paw out of their book?

Why not bark up the right tree?

Why not act on the areas you can influence? 

Why not use the home advantage?

Why not prove you are in this for the long run?

Why not focus on rescuing value from events?

Why not do the deeper work?

Why not be professionally proactive?

Why not call for the help you need?

Why not see who's open to fresh conversations?

Why not try a different tact?

Why not introduce useful people now they are needed more than ever? 

Why not be clear about why you're doing it; it's more than ponies and pools?

Why not do more for existing relationships?

Why not work with the warm?

Why not look at what you've already built?

Why not ask more valuable questions?

Why not ask why?

Why not ask a favour?

Why not ask if others agree?

Why not ask narrow questions?

Why not enquire if it is an exceptional time?

Why not ask your contacts how they feel?

Why not ask what they would do, if they were you?

Why not ask why others won?

Why not ask for what you want?

Why not stop asking (once you have achieved what's needed)?

Why not take a nibble?

Why not create compartments?

Why not spread something positive?

Why not 'but' out?

Why not look up?

Why not stop sulking?

Why not stop spending so much time on homework?

Why not stop wishing for change?

Why not stop having unproductive conversations?

Why not hit play instead of pause?

Why not keep an eye on your ego?

Why not welcome the criticism?

Why not focus?

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